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Come to us for non-surgical fat reduction in Missoula, MT

One of the main deterrents to lipo treatment is that it is invasive and requires a long recovery. You'll be back on your feet following treatment when you come to Body Contouring By Design for non-surgical lipo. Our body sculpting spa in Missoula, MT takes pride in our straightforward approach to getting rid of your stubborn tummy. This option is perfect for those who want results but are unable to undergo lengthy surgery and recovery.

Schedule a 60-minute non-surgical fat reduction treatment for just $70 by calling 406-550-3670 today.

Discover the benefits of non-surgical lipo

If you've looked into lipo surgery, you've likely heard that your body will feel like it's on fire. But with non-surgical fat reduction by Body Contouring By Design, you can get on with your day feeling fantastic. People love our treatments because:

They're non-invasive

They require no general anesthesia

They're effective on all skin types

They involve fewer risks

They provide long-term results

Say goodbye to that belly and those baggy clothes. Reach out to schedule non-surgical lipo with a licensed technician in Missoula, MT.