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Are you carrying around a little extra fluff? Maybe you're growing frustrated at spending hours in the gym with little results to show for it. Ditch the hamster wheel of doom and schedule a body sculpting treatment at Body Contouring By Design in Missoula, MT. Our licensed technician has personal experience with the body-changing benefits that a mommy makeover provides. She fell in love with the results so much that she decided to help other women tackle trouble areas and raise their confidence.

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Are you searching for a body sculpting spa to help tackle your stubborn muffin top? Look no further than Body Contouring By Design for pain-free sessions without the long recovery time. We're trusted throughout the area because:

We have firsthand experience

We're fully licensed and insured

We offer discounts on session packages

We provide a relaxing environment

We'll make you feel at ease

You'll see noticeable results in as little as one session

Got stubborn love handles? We can help get rid of them.

Body Contouring By Design is proud to be a body sculpting spa that can help you tackle those problem areas that leave you feeling a little self-conscious. Our sessions are non-invasive and provide quick and effective results. Whether you need one session or multiple sessions, we'll work with you to get the results you want and a body you'll love.

Want to learn more? Get in touch to ask about our body sculpting treatments. We offer discounts on multi-session packages.

- Appointment Cancellation Policy -

I strive to render excellent care to you and the rest of my clients. Your care and treatment is a priority for me. I also asked that you respect my time and my expertise as well. In attempt to be consistent with this, I have a cancellation policy that allows me to schedule appointments for clients, with respect for your time, the next clients time, and the specialist time. I request that you give a not later than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment in the event that you cannot make it. If the client misses an appointment without contacting me, it is considered a mess or "no show" appointment. Additionally, if a client is more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, It will be considered as "no-show" appointment, and that appointment will be rescheduled. Also if you miss 1 Appointment, we reserve the right to charge you the amount of the appointment you missed.