- Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back -

Schedule a mommy makeover at our Missoula, MT clinic

Let's face it - pregnancy wreaks havoc on our bodies. But with a post-pregnancy body sculpting session at Body Contouring By Design, you'll feel a little more like yourself again with each session. Our Missoula, MT clinic offers mommy makeovers to help with the areas you feel a little self-conscious about. Whether you want to target your back or your tummy, we've got a pain-free treatment that's right for you.

Love your bundle of joy and your body. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Give yourself an instant confidence boost

When you choose Body Contouring By Design for a mommy makeover, you're just a couple of hours away from feeling more like your pre-pregnancy self. Each two-hour session is $150 and is perfect for:

A confidence boost

Instant results

Painless treatment

Increased blood circulation

Toning skin

An instant loss of two to four inches

Each Mommy Makeover includes one hour in our sauna detox bed, wood therapy and cavitation. Another perk is that post-pregnancy body sculpting requires no downtime, meaning you can get on with your life immediately. Get in touch today to discuss your desired results and set up a plan that's tailored to you.