- Kiss Your Problem Areas Goodbye -

Slim down your midsection with a lipo 360 treatment in Missoula, MT

Do you have stubborn belly fat that won't go away no matter how many miles you run? When you schedule a lipo 360 treatment with Body Contouring By Design, we can help you trim up the areas you hate without resorting to an all-lettuce diet. This unique treatment in Missoula, MT tricks your body into getting rid of fat for good rather than redepositing it in other areas. After all, what good is a slimmer midsection if it just causes the problem to relocate elsewhere?

Ready to give it a go? Each 90-minute session runs a cool and affordable $150.

5 things to expect during the lipo 360 session

Trying something new can be intimidating. But when you know what to expect, it doesn't have to be. Here are a few tidbits of information to prepare you for your first laser lipotherapy session at Body Contouring By Design:

1. A laser lipo belt will be wrapped around your midsection

2. Radiofrequency probes will help contract collagen, causing a tightening effect

3. A flat ultrasonic probe will use sound waves to explode fat cell pockets

4. These pockets will travel through your bloodstream and release through bladder or bowel movements

5. You may hear and feel the sound waves internally. This is nothing to be worried about

Want to learn more? Call today to speak with our specialist and schedule your first laser lipotherapy session.